• hygienic design of machineries
  • line facilitated cleaning with design solutions (IK)
  • easy line management
  • only 1 person supervises the operating line
  • easy and fast setting of machineries
  • full machinery automation in the line
  • management and supervision over operation trough the touch-screen panel
  • possibility of production and baking of a wide range of products on trays, in moulds…
  • possibility of production of pies, sweet Italian brad (“panettone”), baguettes, cakes, buns and other bread products…
  • possibility of inclusion of the line parts of other manufacturers
  • possibility of adaptation of projects to specific requirements of a certain country, client’s wishes …
  • various possibilities of products’ fermentation (peel boards, trays, special chambers …)
  • turn-key project from silos to packaging

Process phases

  • Mixture
  • Charging
  • Fermentation
  • Baking
  • Products’ cooling


Unique Gostol solutions for fermentation and baking of various types of baking products provide for the production of various other special baking products on Gostol lines. The processing of such products is carried out on the equipment of other selected manufacturers.

Gostol – a flexible provider of the baking equipment provides for processing and production of special baking products on the line of another manufacturer, while fermentation and baking of the products is carried out on tins, free-baked or combined; on tins and free baked.

Lines for other types of bread