Gostol after sales

GOSTOL – reliable partner

Assembly and putting the industrial lines for bakery into service, teaching the operators working on industrial lines.

GOSTOL guarantees that the supplied equipment will be assembled and put into service and operation at the buyer's place. GOSTOL provides for teaching of the responsible ones for the industrial line operation with the purpose that the buyer may fast, easily and efficiently operate the GOSTOL line and other industrial equipment.

Spare parts

As regards the GOSTOL equipment, GOSTOL provides for the fast supply of spare parts.
These can be ordered by e-mails service@gostolgroup.eu.

24/7 service support

In case of requirements of service and repair or inspection check-up of the line, you may contact a 24/7 day-and-night telephone number, where we will take your request in consideration and fulfil your wish regarding service, inspection check-up, consultation, help linked to the purchased equipment.

Lines inspection check-ups

With a 70-year long tradition, GOSTOL in its bakery field and circle combines various experts, which may carry out a high-quality check-up – establish defects of the existing industrial line for bakery, of a machine, other equipment and recommend you which parts should be changed, renovated so that the equipment will continue to operate efficiently for a long time.

Service partner for HTT Equipment 

The company HTT from Germany, which is also GOSTOL supplier of boilers for the thermal-oil ovens, issued to our company GOSTOL – GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica a certificate, with which GOSTOL-GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica became an official certified service partner for the HTT equipment on 8 September 2016.

Within the contractual relationship, GOSTOL-GOPAN is authorized to perform:


maintenance services,

annual services and

emergency services.

With the acquisition of the mentioned certificate, company GOSTOL – GOPAN d.o.o. Nova Gorica is expanding the marketing of additional services.

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You may contact a 24/7 service support.