Dough mixer DK

Dough mixer DK

The dough mixer DK is designed especially for kneading rye dough, as well as other types of dough. There is one model available, DK 100.


The optimal mixing arm's design ensures a high quality of rye dough.

Automatic lifting and lowering of the cover.

Adjustable mixing time (up to 30 minutes).

The machine is universal, allowing the mixing of different types of dough.

Simple cleaning and maintenance.

The machine's sturdy construction assures its long life-span.

Technological and technical characteristics

Weight of trolley with bowl (kg) 150
Max. flour quantity (kg) 100
Max. flour quantity for stiff dough (kg) 45
Min. flour quantity (kg) 10
Max. dough quantity (kg) 160
Bowl volume (l) 290
Installed power (kW) 7,5
Dimensions of the machine in working position /
lifted cover (mm) (LxWxH)
Height of the machine with lifted cover (mm) 1980
Machine weight (kg) 715
Dimensions of packed trolley with bowl (mm) 1000 x 950 x 1080
Weight of trolley with bowl (kg) 150

Basic version of the machine includes

  • trolley with bowl
  • stainless steel mixing arm and bowl
  • time relay for mixing time setting
  • mechanical clamping of trolley with bowl
  • automatic mixing arm lifting


  • extra trolley with bowl
  • electronic control panel