Electric tunnel oven TPNE

Electric tunnel oven TPNE

Electric tunnel ovens are universal ovens used for continuous baking of all types of bread and pastry at temperature up to 300°C.

Transport through the baking area is executed by the knitted steel mesh. For heating special electric heaters are used. The oven is double-deck or one-deck. It can function as an independent unit or within automated lines.


Possibility of baking all types of bread and pastry (hearth-baked, in pans or on tins). Vast range of baking surfaces (from 25 to 135 m2).

Adjustable baking diagram – baking time and temperature are adjusted continuously.

Energy saving by using high-quality insulation materials, quality insulated return branch and windows, continuous regulation of heaters' power.

Additional possibilities of energy saving with automatic regulation of steam flow and possibility of steam recuperators' installation.

The oven drive is a direct one with planetary reduction gear providing for better transmission efficiency and especially lowers maintenance and prolong the lifetime.

The heaters power regulation is continuous with thyristor power regulators. Consequently, the inrush currents essentially lower and a precise regulation of temperature is achieved.

Especially designed ceramic heaters distinguished by long life-time and extreme flexibility.

Temperature in individual temperature zones is automatically regulated according to the set temperature diagram.

Advanced oven regulation enables high-quality baking also by the holes during production and by the passages between the products.

Oven is equipped with the system for forced air circulation in the oven baking hearth providing for intensive transmission of heat on the product. Thus the system is recommendable especially for baking of bread in pans and on trays.

Oven can be STIR coated enabling infra red radiation.

The oven inlet and outlet are adjusted according to other equipment or according to the buyer's wishes.

The double-deck oven height is only 2.4 m, while the single-deck oven is 1.4 m. The transport of already assembled oven is also possible.

New oven design.

Basic machine version contains

  • PLC control
  • continuous power regulation with thyrstor regulations
  • stainless steel platings
  • classic (manual) opening of steam outlets
  • standard inlet length


  • Double-deck oven
  • Extended oven inlet of length 150 and 210 cm – The length of extended oven inlet depends on the method of oven charging and on previously used equipment. An extended inlet is possible only at the single-deck oven.
  • Partition curtains for the steam generating zone adjustable by height.
  • Extended steam generation zone - 6 pipes for steam generating
  • Cleaning brush– only removal
  • Forced hot air circulation in the baking heart – is a system for air turbulence in the baking hearth and thus better heat transmission on the baking products. In this way bread is better baked along its entire dimension. During classic baking bread is baked in a resting atmosphere, thus the baked bread sides are normally brighter. In addition, shorter baking time can be achieved.
  • Hydraulic tensioning
  • Mesh self-centring
  • Fans on the steam outlets
  • Automatic regulation of steam outlets
  • Automatic regulation of steam flow
  • Air/water for steam recuperator
  • External humidifier – External humidifier is used for baking of rye bread. It is recommendable for dough containing more than 50% of rye flour.
  • Water spraying device
  • Steam outlet – Steam outlet are insulated stainless pipes of height up to 6 m with clamps, anchor rope, roof border, spacers and finishing cap. Number of steam outlets (OP) depends on the oven length. Over 6 m of height the price changes.