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The industrial group announces the opening of "TP Food Group - North America inc." with a ceremony that will take place at IBIE in Las Vegas.

San Giorgio in Bosco (PD), Italy – September 12, 2022 – TP Food Group, the global supplier of equipment and complete lines for both industrial and artisan food processing, announces the opening of its new subsidiary located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, as an integral part of its growth and internationalization strategy. The new subsidiary will create more value for North American customers through local sales and customer service teams for the three industrial brands of the group: Tecnopool, Gostol, Tecnofryer.

The opening ceremony taked place on Monday, September 19 at 2:30 p.m. in the hospitality area of booth 725, West Hall at IBIE in Las Vegas, in the presence of the TP Food Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Franco Prestigiacomo, and of the representative who will oversee the American offices, Mr. Nicola Menardo.

"We have established a solid North American customer base showing that we can deliver customized solutions with the right customer support" - says Nicola Menardo, President of TP Food Group North America. "As part of our strategy, our US customer service structure will be of paramount importance to show our customers that we can be partners in their long-term projects." The choice to open a U.S. subsidiary is in line with the ambitions of the TP Food Group, which in the past three years has consolidated its industrial capabilities and added new products to its portfolio through key research and development activities.

Research and development with safety and sustainability criteria in mind has, for instance, led to the TP5 spiral belt. The TP5 is made of stainless steel to ensure greater strength and sliding speed for improved production performance. The TP5 also incorporates specific design solutions that contribute to better food safety. But that's not all. With the aim of keeping a close eye on energy consumption, while increasing product quality and providing greater overall equipment performance, the Group has developed the so-called smart bakery line portal: a digital tool that enables remote monitoring bakery lines. The portal becomes a useful tool for managing production processes and allows customers to set up a complete maintenance system, while also helping to control the general state of the line thanks to an operator interface that is both simple and user-friendly. Innovation is also embedded elsewhere. In particular, the TP Food Group has completely revamped its bestselling tunnel oven using a thoroughly smart approach: it is now more intuitive, sustainable, and able to meet any level of manufacturing needs.

Digitalization, innovation, and sustainability form the basis of all the new additions that will be on display in Las Vegas from September 18 to 22. Flexibility is also key for the TP Food Group which, from the very start, has always been committed to building tailor-made systems. Customization is, indeed, a major plus that the entire group and the individual companies that form it have always pursued to the point of creating cutting-edge systems such as the TEC industrial frying system: a bespoke solution allowing to save energy and preserve the frying oil's life while guaranteeing safety and high cleaning standards required by continuous production.