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Gostol from Slovenia in ownership of company Tecnopool S.p.a. Italy from 25 th November, 2016

Company Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. with 70 years tradition in bakery business, successfully works on global market, on EU market, on market of USA and on other markets like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova,...

Gostol from Slovenia in ownership of company Tecnopool S.p.a. Italy  from 25 th November, 2016

Brand name »Gostol« has high reputation on the market and is one of the most known brand names in bakery industry. Gostol is nowadays involved in important big projects, where investors into bakery equipment are asking for well, sturdy designed and highly automated complete solutions.

Gostol would like to play even more important role on world market in the future and would like to stay close to existing and even new potential clients.

In recent years, the range of business has been increased, the trust of customers in high quality equipment and services for industrial bakeries has been progressing as well. This results in increasing success of the company's activities and in a higher level of quality of company's services. Companies’ business result in latest 3 years, has been really successful.

In 2016 Gostol succeed to enter on new markets – USA and Asia. For the future we want to enter on new markets and to make important progress in business on existing markets. 

In this context, during 2016, there has been the interest of the Italian company Tecnopool S.p.a. (company that since approx. 40 years plays a leading role into the Food Industry Equipment production) towards Gostol Group and the consequence of this interest has been the purchase of Gostol Group’s companies by Tecnopool S.p.a.

The company Tecnopool from Italy is, for sure, the most optimal partner to achieve new important goals in world markets. Main common goal is wider range of equipment for complete solutions for bakeries. This will give to the final customer the best and most complete choice, having the possibility to decide, among a big selection of equipment, the ones that are more suitable for his production and logistic necessities. Furthermore, next to a big selection of equipment, this new cooperation will bring higher level of company's services for final clients.

Toegether with Tecnopool, Gostol offers complete solutions for bakeries including the equipment from dough preparing up to dough cooling and different robot solutions.

Just to give a short idea, the new Tecnopool/Gostol Group can supply:

-Dough Mixers
-Roboterized Composition for Dough Preparation
-Dough dividers
-Equipment for dough moulding
-Spiral Proofing Systems
-Step Tower Proofers
-Automatic Swing Proofers
-Tradition Tunnel ovens
-Thermo oil ovens
-Electric tunnel ovens
-Spiral ovens with diathermic oil
-Oven loaders/unloader
-Equipment for transport and manipulation with the bakery products
-Ambient and Forced Cooling Spiral Systems
-Spiral freezing Systems
-Spiral Posturizing Systems
-Automatic Depanners (with vacuum or needles)
-Lift Systems
-Table Top Conveyors
-Pan Tower Cooling Systems
-Pan Return Systems
-Robot Systems for Products detection
-Robot Systems for Pans Storage
-Robot Systems for Delidding and Depanning

…… and much more.

Tecnopool – Gostol Group is an optimal partner for several bakeries, which are looking for a unique solution for their bakery. 

Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. Nova Gorica, Slovenia