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Gostol equipment in the world

More bread and other bakery products will be produced with Gostol's industrial equipment for bakeries. In the 47. calendar week 2016, Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. dispatched two equipment sets for industrial bakeries, which are vary large in volume; 5 deck thermooil oven and 30 m long cyclothermic tunnel baking oven.

Gostol equipment in the world

This year, the already well-known buyer of Gostol equipment from Belgium has also decided to purchase two other additional Gostol industrial bakery lines. One of these lines is an automated industrial line for baking of various free-baking bread, i.e. round as well as longitudinal loaves. The latter will be baked in the Gostol thermal oil oven, dispatched by Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. in the penultimate week of November, 2016. It was already assembled in one package and it was transported to the Belgian bakery. TRIGLAV thermal oil oven, 144 m2 of baking area, of 5 decks, 3 metres in width and 9.6 metres in length. 

More: https://youtu.be/tCTNHwMWzt8

The cyclothermic tunnel oven of a new »TPN« generation for the buyer from the federal state - Illinois, USA, dimensions; 3.75 in width and 30 metres in length. They will produce pound cakes and muffins on it, baked in pans.

The oven was dispatched in three packages with exceptional transport to Luka Koper, Slovenia,  from which it travelled to the USA. There, Gostol will also carry out the final assembly and put the equipment in operation and prepare the oven as the other Gostol equipment of this line. Thus, Gostol will automatically control it and will be able to reach the optimal effects of baking and manipulation with products on the supplied Gostol industrial equipment. With this project, Gostol represents another important reference in the USA market.